TGE Foundation


The country has many wildlife parks and borders Lake Victoria in the south. The parks in the north are known for the gorillas. Uganda is a developing country with an average income per inhabitant of 1800 USD per year. The country is predominantly Christian (about 85%). At this moment there are 35 million inhabitants.

The population of Uganda is growing explosively, as in most African countries. The UN expects that by 2050 there will be no less than 105 million inhabitants. In Uganda, climate change (less precipitation) has its impact. There are many initiatives to mitigate this. One important initiative comes from The Green Elephant. The Green Elephant plants elephant grass that is then processed into biofuel, an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to charcoal. Most families fire wood or charcoal. As a result, deforestation will be rapid and at the current rate there will be no more forests in 20 years' time. Between 1990 and 2015 the forest area has already declined enormously.


Uganda with the capital Kampala is located in East Africa. The Green Elephant foundation focuses on Kampala, where 7 million people live and over 1 million families cook on a cookstove. Kampala is the location of The Green Elephant, where the planting of energy grass and the production of briquettes and pallets also takes place.